Are you thinking about launching your business to the next level of efficiency?

The HERO PM Launch Edition is a full featured HERO PM package that gives you the chance to try it out for yourself to see the benefits first-hand, with your own properties, owners, tenants, and vendors. Sign up now to get started with no payment and no obligation.

The Launch Edition has everything you need, so long as you don't need more than 3! Use it for 3 listings, 3 owners, 3 tenants, 3 vendors, and 3 (times 10 - that's 30) days of free, unlimited support. Once you have your Launch Edition, you can upgrade to the package of your choice and remove the threebie limit.

Important Note: You are signing up for an older version of our software, HERO Legacy. It contains certain integrations that HERO Harmony does not, but does not contain the advanced functionality of HERO Harmony. You should sign up for Legacy only if instructed by our support team, otherwise, sign up for HERO Harmony. Both versions include a free Launch signup.

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